Designing a walk-in closet & master bath

Day 69

One of the most important elements of this renovation was to create a true master bedroom. We’ve always fantasized about it and since we were doing such an elaborate reno, it was the perfect opportunity to make that fantasy a reality.


On the second floor, the front room was actually a double parlour. Since that middle room didn’t have a window, we couldn’t legally turn it into a bedroom, so we chose to make that space a walk-in closet and master ensuite.


Originally, the architect designed a closet that only had access through the bathroom. He also used some of the space as a closet for one of the bedrooms at the back. I wasn’t too keen on that, so I drew a rough idea of what I wanted.


The architect came back with a final design that we were happy with.


The Walk-in Closet

Once we started actual construction for the room, we ended up bumping back the walk-in closet slightly so we could fit a 36″ by 60″ shower. A standard walk-in closet is 5′ by 8′ but with the slight alteration we were left with a closet that was 5′ by 6′. I went to Home Depot and picked up a Rubbermaid closet organizer to make sure that the closet would still have a good amount of storage. It did, so that problem was solved.


The Master Ensuite

In the bathroom, we decided on a 60″ double vanity from We shopped around and it ended up being the nicest one we could find for a reasonable price. It forced us to get a Costco card but in the end it’s probably a good idea since we now have two kids with growing appetites.


Lee had always wanted a clawfoot tub and we found this great website called that had an awesome selection. They were offering free shipping to Canada so we jumped on the chance and ordered a 60″ double-edge clawfoot tub. When Lee was in Europe, she liked how all the bathtubs had the faucet and drain in the middle instead of at one end, so the double-edge design was the perfect choice.


I saw this TV show about design a while back that featured a toilet from a Japanese company called Toto. They had developed a new technology for flushing a toilet that created a sort of cyclone in the bowl. It seemed cool so I wanted to look into getting one. Turns out they’re pretty expensive so I’m still searching for a toilet.


For the shower, we’re putting in a tile-ready base so we can continue the tile from the bathroom floor into the shower area. We found two tiles that we like but still haven’t decided on which to go with, though we do know that we want white subway tile on the shower walls.


We also plan on putting in one of those rain shower heads and a sliding glass door which should help complete the spa-like setup for our master bath. Only another month or so until I can defile the pureness of that bathroom with the vileness of my naked body.


5 thoughts on “Designing a walk-in closet & master bath

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