Moving day comes early

For some stupid reason, just about every single person in Montreal moves on the same day. Moving day (which is actually July 1st and known as Canada Day in the rest of the country) ends up being a clusterfuck for most people involved, and even for some who aren’t.

Narrow streets are made even narrower by large trucks, pedestrians crowd the sidewalks alone or in pairs carrying all sorts of oddly shaped furniture, and everything related to moving costs a hell of a lot more.

With all that in mind, Lee and I decided to flip moving day the bird and get it all over with a few weeks early. Seemed like a smart move (pun!) at the time but now that it’s getting closer, we’re totally mad rushing to make sure everything is packed and ready to go.

Side note: hiring movers before the 25th of June can save you over $25 per hour.

Unofficially, Thursday will be our last day living in Lachine. After that, we’ll going back and forth to finish cleaning and preparing the house before the new owners take possession on the 25th.

For the rest of the summer, we’ll be staying in good ol’ LaSalle. Lee’s family offered to let us invade their home while we stress ourselves over this renovation and we totally took them up on it. Suckers!

It’s been a while since I lived in LaSalle, and thankfully, this time won’t be spent wallowing in self-pity and sleeping on a yellow floral couch in my mother’s sewing room. Nope! This time I’ll be sleeping in a big-boy bed, next to a woman who isn’t made of pillows. So self-pity can go and suck it! Though yesterday Lee did ask if I thought it would be better if we slept in her Aunt’s sewing room instead of Abby. My exact words were, “No effin way! Screw that kid. She’s lucky we’re not making her sleep in the laundry room… Again!”


That’s why my underwear says “#1 Dad” and also why there will be no sewing rooms or floral couches in the new house.

Strange side note: I just searched “packing” to find a stock photo for this article and images of birth control pills appeared in the top 25 results. What’s up with that?


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