One more month to go

The past month has been spent trying to get everything in place in order for things to be ready to start the reno. As each day ticks by, July 1st keeps getting closer. Some aspects of the move and renovation have been pretty straightforward though others are requiring a lot more than first expected.

We finally booked movers, though they are coming earlier then we expected. June 19th will be our last day living in Lachine, which means we now have just over two weeks to get our house packed and ready to go. Plus my sister’s family is coming for a visit this weekend so that’s a write-off.

Aside from packing, we are getting really close to a final blueprint of what our new house will look like once the renovation has been completed. It’s pretty exciting. On Saturday we even got to see a 3D rendering of our new kitchen.


It’s a brave new world.


3 thoughts on “One more month to go

  1. Even though we’d prefer people to be in our office (not all the time, though!), working from home is an option, though you’d need to make it for a sprint planning meeting with the client every other monday to our office in Oxford. Beyond that, if you have Skype / Jabber, can do VNC for screen sharing and are comfortable with GitHub, we can talk.

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