Finding my ‘zen’ place (Part 1)

So, we’ve sold the old house, got our mortgage approved for the duplex and hired an architect to draw up plans for the conversion. What’s next?

Plenty of practical things, for sure (hiring a contractor, etc.) but most important as far as I’m concerned is figuring out a way to stay as calm as possible during this reno. Not just in the face of red tape, unexpected costs, out-of-stock orders and a million other problems I’m sure we’ll come across (oops – asbestos!) but also the inevitable disagreements Chris and I are bound to have over designs and budget. The thing is, I’m not the world’s most patient person and I HATE being wrong. Also, I can get super anxious. Add two kids under three to the mix, and the fact that we’ll be staying with family for the duration of the reno, and I can see this getting real stressful, real fast.

So what’s a girl to do? Take up meditation? Long walks (sans kids)? Xanax? Not sure yet, but my mission this week is to learn how to find my ‘zen’ place and how to get there before I get too overwhelmed and yell at my two-year-old for acting like, well, a two-year-old just because the grout came out darker than I wanted. I just signed up for mummy & baby yoga, but I doubt that’s going to provide much stress relief (it’s really just a way to get out of the house with a two-month-old). All I know is, if I’m going to survive this giant remodel with my sanity intact, I will have to chill the heck out.

Off to find my inner Buddha…


5 thoughts on “Finding my ‘zen’ place (Part 1)

  1. You are a brave woman! And I’m so jealous! How exciting all those choices you get to make to make it YOUR home! I want to know more about how you find your zen place because I need to learn that. Sometimes i think I just need to walk away for 5 minutes and regroup. But in the moment it doesn’t seem enough. Love that you guys are blogging about this adventure.

  2. Thanks, Katka! It is exciting. I’m looking forward to the part where we get to pick out finishes and tile and stuff like that, not so much the electrical and plumbing and all that entails.

    Will definitely update if I do manage to find a good coping strategy. Suggestions from reno survivors are welcome! (Walking away and taking a five minute breather sounds like a good start to me…)

  3. This is friggin awesome!!!! Love to keep up to date with you guys, maybe a drink on a terrace can be the new zen place for mammas and papas.

  4. That would be great, Anastasia. We move on June 19, so things are hectic until then, but afterwards we would love to meet up and pick your brain!

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